About software development

About Emiel Bruijntjes

Emiel Bruijntjes (that's me) is with Michael Linthorst one of the two founders of Copernica BV, a dutch company that builds web based marketing software. The software of Copernica is used by customers from all over the world to manage marketing databases, setup and send campaigns and process the results.

Nowadays I lead Copernica's IT department, but I still manage to spend a lot of the time behind my keyboard doing what I like most: creating software.

Study time

I studied both Computer Science and Dutch law at the free university in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During my study time, I created as a personal Java exercise the online board game DominateGame.com, which is still online today, and you might even find a couple of players online. Sadly I now hardly have time to maintain it.

I graduated Computer Science in 2000 and in the summer of that year I was introduced to Michael Linthorst. We then started the company that we still have today (although it was not yet named Copernica in those early days).

Other projects

As spin-offs from my work for Copernica, I started a couple of other websites and products as well: Valtaf.nl and slims.com are two weight loss portals (one in Dutch and one in English) that I created in 2005. To manage those sites we setup the company Sofit Wellness.

The other project that is worth mentioning is MailerQ. MailerQ is a high performance MTA built on top of AMQP message queues. This software is built in C++ and can be installed on Linux servers to send out large volumes of email.

Programming languages and software

I am not a evangelist for specific languages, editors, databases or operating systems. I just use what is available and that gets the job done. But for those that like to know: I have installed Ubuntu on all my computers, and I carry an iPhone in my pocket. For developing websites I mostly use PHP, and for projects for which performance or memory consumption matters I use C++.